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Vanderbilt Mortgage Inc. Makes Customer’s Dream Come True

National manufactured home lender guides customer on the journey to homeownership

MARYVILLE, Tenn., May. 2, 2016 - During the winter of 2015 Dave, a Vanderbilt Mortgage and Finance, Inc. Loan Specialist, was contacted by Sandra, a homebuyer trying to get financing to purchase a new home for herself and her family. The team at Vanderbilt Mortgage would soon discover that they were an essential part of Sandra’s home buying story.

Sandra had been a previous Vanderbilt customer and had paid off her previous loan.  With elderly parents, she wanted to move back home to Maryville, TN from Limestone, TN to make sure they were safe and taken care of in a bigger, new home. Dave had been working on Sandra’s application and was available through the entire origination process. Sandra recognized that Dave, along with his team were doing everything they possibly could to assist her, stating, “Everybody has been so supportive in helping me in any way possible.” The dream of owning a new home for her family soon became a reality.

 “Customer experience is everything and families are understanding more and more that this isn’t always about investing just in a home, but investing in a company they can trust will provide them with a positive experience,” Dave, the Loan Specialist said. “I want our customers to understand I have been where they are now and have had similar experiences trying to obtain financing.”

When the day finally came and her new home was delivered to the property, Sandra was overcome with joy and relief.  As an added surprise, Dave and a welcome team celebrated with Sandra and her family at the new house during that special moment and surprised them with a homecoming gift basket.

“You all shocked me. I wasn’t expecting that, and my mom and dad are still talking about it.  I’ve never had anyone just make me feel like family, and you all have.  You all have done so much, above and beyond,” said Sandra, new home owner.

Watch the video of the special moment Sandra and her family get to watch their home being delivered.

We believe home ownership makes lives better, and it certainly will for Sandra and her family.  We are opening doors to a better life, one home at a time for real American families.