Customer Stories

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“My experience in the process of acquiring home financing is usually difficult, and I was expecting it to be this way with Vanderbilt - but I was very pleasantly surprised to find that the people who I dealt with were extremely professional and friendly. No one likes surprises, especially those that cost more money - but everything that I was told by the people at Vanderbilt was up front and accurate. …”

- Robert, Arkansas
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“I have always been pleased with Vanderbilt. They have never let me down. They financed my first mobile home. Now I have another and they are financing it and they make sure it is taken care of. Thanks to you Vanderbilt for my new Mobile home.…”

- Carolyn, Florida
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“My wife and I purchased our home last fall. The finance agent was easy to work with and went above and beyond in order to secure financing on our behalf. I highly recommend Vanderbilt for financing your next home. We plan to purchase a double wide in the future and look forward to working with Vanderbilt for financing it.…”

- Martin, Virginia
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“So happy with our new home. Financing was a breeze. Took care of all of our questions and concerns right up front. Truly very happy with my mortgage company, would highly recommend to anyone, all my family and friends.…”

- Russell, New Mexico
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“I have had an opportunity in my life to apply for several home loans. Applying with Vanderbilt was easy, convenient, and every person that I have dealt with has been very friendly and professional.I would recommend Vanderbilt to any home buyer knowing that you will be treated fairly and with respect.…”

- Mark, North Carolina
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“The people at Vanderbilt Mortgage and Finance, Inc. were helpful in getting the financing for a new mobile home for my son. They were so proud of their new home and thankful for the opportunity this company gave them to get this home quickly with no hassles.…”

- Kitty, Texas
Preston, Kentucky

“Vanderbilt Mortgage did more than just give us a mortgage on a new home, they gave us a safe home to continue our lives in. Our old home was unsafe to live in but it was all we had until Vanderbilt stepped up. The floors had holes in them, the wiring was out in 1/4 of our home and was so bad the breaker would immediately throw when you tried to turn it back on. The water lines were so bad I would have at least two to three leaks every spring and fall. The loan we were given I dare say saved our lives. THANK You Vanderbilt!…”

- Preston, Kentucky